Hokulani - Jane's fortune, Part 1

Hokulani - Jane's fortune, Part 1

Here is a piece of a bigger project that is shaping up slowly, probably it will take a while till it's done, thought also about a simple narrative to accompany the illustration and give it a flavor in relation to a character - thanks Jean Pyr for laying my thoughts in digestible text !

Jane, had a hard time holding back her joy when she had received this invitation a few hours earlier:
"Meet at the astroport, near warehouse Nr.4, we will wait for you at the foot of Hokulani transport for an assistant pilot position offer”.

Given the short notice, She showed up as she was straight from the space pilot graduation party.
Not being a queen of space navigation, she had no less than several hours of atmospheric flight to her credit and, without boasting,
she did better than most of those she had encountered during the various internships that 'she had followed.

Even if the sky was predominantly blue, a few clouds seemed to want to tarnish the atmosphere, but nothing could have spoiled her excitement.
She quickly noticed the transport in question, a "Streamliner" class. It rested on the ground on four enormous hydraulic props.
Three men were chatting at the foot of one of them: two in workman clothes and the last, much taller and slender, seemed to listen to their report. You could guess that the ship was undergoing maintenance.

It had to be recognized that it was not just any type of spacecraft, but one of the latest Streamliner class, a luxury interplanetary transport, those pilots who have a chance to fly this beauty can consider their career set by the highest level.

A quick glance allowed her to notice that the three men at the foot of the spacecraft were in charge of ground operations and in no case could one of them be his contact.
On the other hand, the person in the white shirt with hands on her hips, seemed to supervise the operations. No doubt she was the one she should talk to.